Please note that our COVID-19 Testing services are subject to change. Please visit our Coronavirus Testing page for the most up to date information.

If you are looking for a Coronavirus testing site near Moonachie, NJ, AM/PM Urgent Care has locations only five minutes away in both Cliffside Park and North Bergen.

Our urgent care center near Moonachie is located at 596 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010.

Read Our Coronavirus Testing Page to Learn More and Schedule a Virtual Visit Today. If you need to come to the facility for testing, please consider reaching out about a pre-screening and make sure to wear a mask.

COVID-19 Tests Offered at AM/PM

Our centers currently offer the following COVID-19 tests:

PCR nasal swab

  • Turnaround time: 3-5 days
  • Appointments required in North Bergen: Please schedule a visit here.
  • If you are not experiencing any fever or cough, you can walk in without appointments at our Cliffside Park or Bergenfield centers.
  • If you are experiencing any fever or cough, please schedule a virtual visit first for a pre-screening video call and you will then be directed to our designated expedited testing center.

Rapid nasal swab antigen test

COVID-19 IgG antibody blood test

  • Turnaround time: average 48 hours, no appointments needed

Important: The above time restrictions for rapid tests do not apply to patients opting for a virtual visit/telemedicine screening first. If you schedule a televisit first, you will be able to receive a PCR and/or rapid antigen test at your designated time of testing.

Patients experiencing fever or cough are required to make a virtual visit appointment first for a medical evaluation prior to being tested. Schedule a Virtual Visit Today.

Please note: If you are visiting us for a non COVID-19 injury or illness, you cannot receive a COVID-19 test during the same visit.

Should I Get Tested for Coronavirus?

Many people who get the Coronavirus only develop minor symptoms, or in some cases never show symptoms at all. We are currently offering pre-screening for Coronavirus testing for patients who believe they are experiencing symptoms associated with the disease. These symptoms can resemble cold or respiratory illness effects and include:

  • Mild to severe fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

These symptoms typically begin anywhere from a day or two all the way up to 14 days after initial exposure. Many of the patients that have had severe complications from the virus also have pneumonia in both lungs.

While our Coronavirus testing will determine whether you currently have the disease, we also offer Coronavirus antibody testing that can determine whether you ever have ever been infected. This is critically important because so many cases never show symptoms, and is necessary to clear people to go back to work and reopen their businesses.

When Should I Seek Medical Attention for Coronavirus?

The CDC advises that if you develop any emergency signs of COVID-19, you should seek medical attention immediately. These symptoms include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • Confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face

Call 911 if you are experiencing these symptoms. Notify the operator that you believe you have COVID-19 and put on a face covering before health arrives.

Will My Insurance Cover Coronavirus Testing?

Per the CARES Act, most insurances have announced that they will cover the full cost of any testing or treatment for COVID-19. However, please contact your individual plan to verify coverage for any COVID-19 testing. Any inquiries regarding lab bills should be directed to the lab.

Virtual Coronavirus Pre-screening with AM/PM Walk-In Urgent Care

AM/PM Walk-In Urgent Care is now offering our telemed services, including pre-screening for Coronavirus testing, to all our patients so you can access our care from the convenience of your home. We use encrypted, HIPAA-compliant technology to enable your virtual visit. No need to download any app or software, you can simply connect with us using your web browser.

Through virtual visits, we are able to offer our urgent care services around your schedule with shorter wait times, no exposure to other sick patients, and no need to take time off of work.

Visit AM/PM For Coronavirus Testing Near Moonachie Today

If you want to be tested for the Coronavirus, contact AM/PM Walk-in Urgent Care today. Take precautions when leaving your home such as wearing a mask, especially if you are going to be near other people. Our Cliffside Park office is nearby for Moonachie residents.

AM/PM Locations

We happily accept walk-in patients or you can choose to book an appointment in advance to save some time.

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