School & Sports Physicals at AM/PM Walk-In Urgent Care in Allendale

AM/PM Walk-In Urgent Care in Allendale, NJ is here to facilitate School & Sports physicals at your convenience. You don’t need an appointment – just walk in. We are open every day, from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, to assist you.

School & Sports physicals are not only commonly required but also highly encouraged to ensure athletes can play safely in their chosen sport as mandated by various state, school, or sports organizations. Even when not obligatory, sports physicals are crucial to keeping vaccinations up-to-date and providing a platform to discuss any health concerns. Our physicians are here to offer advice on injury prevention and other health-related topics.

Importance of School & Sports Physicals for Athletes

Known formally as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), a sports physical is essential in evaluating your health and fitness levels before you enroll in sporting events. Many states require minors to have a sports physical before participating in any sport.

The process involves a comprehensive check for any existing injuries or diseases that could potentially make it unsafe for you to participate in sports activities. Additionally, a review of your family’s medical history is a pivotal part of the examination.

Scheduling Your Sports Physical

It’s recommended to have the sports physical completed six to eight weeks before the beginning of the sports season. This timeframe allows for any necessary treatment of conditions that might be discovered during the examination and facilitates any requisite follow-up examinations, helping avoid unforeseen hindrances when the season starts.

What to Expect During Your Visit to AM/PM Urgent Care in Allendale, NJ

Our sports physicals are designed to help minimize potential risks of illness or injury while giving healthcare professionals a chance to provide age-appropriate advice and health monitoring. During your visit, the examination will include:

  • Measuring height and weight
  • Urinalysis
  • Vision and hearing exams
  • Blood pressure and heart rate measurements
  • Reflex tests

We will also take time to discuss your medical history in detail, covering aspects such as:

  • Family history of serious illnesses
  • Past and current illnesses
  • Allergies
  • Previous surgeries and/or hospitalizations
  • Past injuries
  • Past and current prescription drugs

Remember, you don’t need to book an appointment. Walk into our Allendale, NJ location for quick and efficient service, bringing along any necessary items such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids, and a list of your medications for a comprehensive assessment.

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