Treating Broken Bones at Our Englewood Office

A broken bone, or fracture, occurs when too much force is placed on a bone and can result in a crack, break, or shatter. Certain bones are more prone to breaking than others. Collarbones, arms, wrists, and ankles account for the majority of broken bones but fractures can happen anywhere if enough force is applied.

Types of Broken Bones

There are numerous types of broken bones that are characterized depending on the way the bone breaks. Here are some of the most common types of breaks:

  • Stress fracture – A small crack in the bone caused by repetitive motion.
  • Simple/closed fracture – Skin and tissue remain intact around the broken bone.
  • Open/compound fracture – The broken bone has pierced through the skin.
  • Greenstick – The bone bends and breaks on one side.

Certain breaks are more serious than others, but with any suspected broken bone you should immediately seek medical attention.

Treating a Broken Bone

At AM/PM Walk-in Urgent Care, we have the tools to properly determine the severity and type of break and can properly provide care and treatment options. We have x rays on site and can help determine if there is a fracture and can provide splints, crutches, etc.

Over the counter painkillers can be enough to ease discomfort, but in cases where they don’t do the trick, stronger medication can be prescribed by our medical providers.

If you think you might have a broken bone, visit the Englewood AM/PM Walk-in Urgent Care right away. We’ll properly analyze if there is a break and the extent of the break and provide the appropriate treatment. No appointment necessary, just walk right in!

AM/PM Locations

We happily accept walk-in patients or you can choose to book an appointment in advance to save some time.

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